Cajun Wings Seasonings

Store shelves are filled with Cajun wings seasonings that all claim to be the best. If you enjoy cooking and serving spicy wings to a hungry crowd, try Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning the next time your family asks for hot wings. Maggie’s makes it so easy to create the perfectly seasoned wings that everyone will love. If you’ve tried Maggie’s Cajun potato recipe, you know how delicious our seasoning is; spicy wings are just as easy to recreate as our Cajun spiced potatoes, so why not give them a try? Shop for Maggie’s right here on our website or look for it in your local grocery store.

World’s Best Cajun Wings Recipe Featuring Maggie’s

Just as you would start any roasted Cajun potatoes recipe with premium grade potatoes, you’ll want to begin your wings recipe with the best chicken wings you can find. Wash wings, pat them dry, and place them in an oversized mixing bowl. When working with raw chicken, keep a bowl of hot soapy water in the sink to reduce the risk of spreading salmonella from your hands to appliances and countertops. Rinse your hands in the bowl before turning on the hot tap water when you’re ready to clean up.

Add a tablespoon of avocado or peanut oil to the bowl with your wings and toss with tongs. Add two tablespoons of Maggie’s Cajun Wings Seasonings to the bowl and toss until every wing is completely covered.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place wings in a single layer. Use two baking sheets if necessary to accommodate all of the wings. Slice ¼ inch butter squares and arrange 8 of them on the parchment in between wings. Bake wings in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes for regular size wings or 40 minutes for larger wings. Serve piping hot out of the oven.

Maggie’s World Famous Wings Original Style

If you prefer a less spicy wing but don’t want to sacrifice flavor, use Maggie’s Irish Potato Seasoning in place of Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning. You’ll notice as the butter melts and combines with Maggie’s, it produces a sticky and delicious coating that is irresistible. Be prepared to share your recipe with everyone who tries your wings; be sure to mention Maggie’s by name for best results.

With Maggie’s seasoning, everything tastes better, from Cajun seasoned potatoes and oven roasted potatoes to macaroni and cheese and stove-top breakfast scrambles. If you’re looking for a seasoning blend that is different from everything you’ve tried in the past, Maggie’s is the one to try; it’s so versatile that you’ll reach for it at nearly every meal prep- your family will even love it as a popcorn topping.

Buy Maggie’s on our website or look for it when shopping in your local grocery store. If you don’t see it on the shelf, ask your grocer to contact Maggie’s and request a delivery. Once you taste how delicious Maggie’s Cajun Wings Seasonings and Maggie’s original is, you’ll never want to be without it again.

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