According to the data of the U.S. Fire Administration, about 5,600 restaurants fires occur in the country every year causing death, injuries, and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. This significant figure of fire accidents is not surprising considering how restaurant establishments are continuously exposed to high heat and fire.

We, at National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group, fully understand how each restaurant poses unique fire risks, which is why we offer a complete service for commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems in Pittsburg. From installation of a fire suppression system to maintenance, repair, and inspection, our company will do everything for you as we are manned by specialists who are trained and highly skilled in the area of commercial kitchen maintenance.

The Necessity for Fire Suppression System

Given the susceptibility of restaurants to fires, we at National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group could not stress enough the importance of having an adequate fire suppression system in your establishment. Controlling fire in the commercial kitchen is much more complicated than merely using water or a fire extinguisher.

When a fire starts in your kitchen, dowsing it with water wouldn’t address it since grease fires tend to spread when water is added. Using a fire extinguisher, on the other hand, will ruin and damage the food in the kitchen. By installing a fire suppression system in your restaurant, you can immediately put out fires with little damage as possible.

Essential Features of a Restaurant Fire Suppression System

While the features of fire suppression systems differ depending on what you want and your requirements, among others, they generally include essential elements. For instance, a suppression system is usually connected to the hood of the cooking station and the gas line so that when the system is alerted of fire, the system will cause the gas line to shut off immediately. If cutting off the fuel source is not enough to ultimately put out the fire, another component of the fire suppression system would then be activated to address the remaining flames.

Nozzles that discharge fire suppressant (a water-based chemical with particular chemical mainly created to eliminate grease fires) are usually installed in the ventilation system in the hood over the kitchen station as well so that it can readily be activated when the system is alerted. Once the fire is put out and produce heavy smoke, the exhaust hood would turn on again to rid the kitchen of smoke.

Installing the Most Suitable Fire Suppression System

We, at National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group, understand that while your restaurant shares similar qualities with other food establishments, your fire suppression requirements is still unique. Considering that your restaurant fire suppression system is your first line of defense, the system should be customized to address your restaurant’s needs and protect your investment fully.

As a full-service provider of commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems in Pittsburg, our company can assist you in all areas related to this system – inspection, installation, maintenance, and repair. Partner with us and we assure you of an efficient and effective job at the best value possible.

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