Cookie Dough Place In Nyc

As kids, we all looked forward to baking just for the love of the dough despite warnings of an impending stomach ache. Now, we look at a cookie dough place in NYC and think, “can I still indulge and not get aches?” At Gooey on the Inside, we say…yes!  

Not your ordinary cookie dough place

Nothing worth having, valuable, one of a kind, etc. is ever on the surface. For that earth-shattering, priceless, precious thing you must dig deep - think diamond. That is how we see our cookie dough place, which is tucked deep in the basement of a lower East Side NYC building. We are the diamond in the rough that still manages to shine through.

Sweet cookie dreams are what our cookie dough consists of. We give you chocolate chips, that unforgettable brown sugar flavor, and the ooey-gooey goodness that comes with excellent cookie dough. You get all these, and more, without the raw flour or eggs issue. Are you looking for a cookie dough adventure in the concrete jungle? Grab a friend and be ready for a spontaneous fun-filled adventure that will lead you to the pot of premium cookie dough gold!   

What’s on the menu?

A lot of yummy cookie dough varieties. Our cookie dough place in NYC has a wide range of flavors and mixes, all carefully sampled to ensure they create the perfect cookie dough. Taste? Check. Value? Check. Insta-worthy? Check!

Some of the cookie dough offers available include:

  • Birthday cake – this is a delicious white chocolate cookie dough coming in a jar that is perfectly cakey on the outside and irresistibly gooey and warm on the inside. A definite fan favorite.
  • Chocolate chip chunk – ‘I don’t like chocolate chip cookies with large chunks of chocolate’ said no one ever. We hear chocolate chip we go insane! Go coocoo with a jar full of chocolate goodness.
  • S’mores – picture this, warm molten chocolate and marshmallows center in a perfectly cakey dough. That’s what you get with our s’mores.
  • Fluff that twink – fancy something that will treat your sweet tooth today? This blackberry cookie with fresh cream filling is the perfect dough for you.
  • Pb and j S’mores – peanut butter, jelly, marshmallow, molten chocolate…mind is blown! An absolutely awesome dough overload!
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip chunk – this warm gooey cookie dough is a favorite because of the irresistible center with warm dark chocolate gooey goodness.  

Can I get gooey cookie dough for a private event?

Yes, you can. If the event is close by, you can get the cookie dough warm and ready to dig into as soon as your guests arrive. If you are planning on placing an order for shipping, we recommend you place your order with a day’s allowance before the event. We ship through USPS, and it can sometimes take time to get to you.

Hungry and looking for a cookie dough place in NYC? Gooey on the Inside will get your warm, delicious dough delivered to your doorstep. 

Gooey on The Inside Cookies
+1 646-972-0409
Cookie Dough Place In Nyc
163 Chrystie Street
New York NY 10002 US

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