In addition to the restaurant hood fire suppression system, a class K fire extinguisher should always be placed, inspected and maintained in the kitchen near the hood system to assist as a secondary form of protection. We offer a full line of class K fire extinguishers in addition to a full line of ABC fire extinguisher sales and annual inspections. Please call our office today to inquire about our fire extinguisher sales and service. We offer discounts to all establishments that use multiple services of ours.

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As a company situated directly in the fire prevention industry, we see so many times that our customers and their employees have no idea what to do in case of a restaurant grease fire. It is part of our mission to educate our customers on what to do in an emergency situation so that we all can have one common goal in mind, which is to minimize the risk of fire and/or fire damage. Please go to our services page to find out, in detail, what kind of training we do and what training packages/programs would fit you and your company the best.