As a complement to our kitchen exhaust cleaning and part of our "Full Service""One Stop Shop""One Company, One Invoice" philosophy, we offer complete fire suppression service and installation. Most restaurants have separate companies that handle their kitchen exhaust cleanings and their fire suppression inspections, mainly in part because there are not many "full service" companies out there, therefore leaving the customer with very little choice. For the companies that do claim to be a full service company, they always subcontract either or both services out 99% of the time.

We are here to change that aspect and are proud to guarantee our customers that we do everything in house and never subcontract anything out to other companies.

NFPA guidelines state that a restaurant must have their fire suppression systems inspected on a semi annual basis. We are equipped with properly trained and certified technicians that come in and inspect your system as part of the exhaust cleaning service or as a service in and of it's self.

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  • Make sure that the system is UL 300 compliant.
  • Change all fusible links.
  • Make sure the manual indicators and seals are intact.
  • Inspect the system to make sure there is no visible sign of damage that would prevent the system from working as it should.
  • Make sure all nozzles are free of build up and/or blockage.
  • Inspect the hood system to ensure there is no excessive grease buildup.
  • Check all pipes and make sure they are in the correct position to ensure proper coverage.
  • Replace nozzle caps.
  • Verify that the exhaust and make up air fans are working properly.
  • Test the manual pull station to make sure that it is working as it should and in the correct location.
  • Make sure the system pressure is at an acceptable level.
  • Verify all microswitches are set to work properly.
  • Check to ensure the gas and electric shut offs are working properly.
  • Visually inspect the cylinder
  • Make sure that the maintenance tag or certificate is filled out properly and up-to-date.


*If there are any items above and beyond the normal semi-annual inspection that are in need of being replaced or serviced we will submit pricing for approval prior to proceeding with the work.