Our hood & exhaust cleaning service has always been the core of our business, in which we take great pride in that fact. We have perfected our process to ensure that our customers get the utmost quality for a very competitive price. We execute our cleanings in a very timely manor because we know that our customers time is very valuable and they have many other things to worry about other than their kitchen exhaust cleaning. We keep track of all service records and call our customers when it's time for a cleaning and fit in to the customers schedule, not the other way around. Our motto is "better quality, better value". We are proud to say that we use environmentally safe chemicals and, when we are done with our cleanings, we guarantee our customers hood system to be 97% grease free, provided that they stay on a regular schedule basis. This standard that we have set forth far exceeds any and all standards set forth by the NFPA.

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Our team will arrive to the job site on time, dressed in uniform and professional looking.

We will greet the customer to let them know that we are there and go over any special instructions for the job.

We inspect and test the system prior to starting the job via out pre job checklist to make sure that everything is working as it should and document any special notes or defects. We will then walk through and take our pre job pictures via our 25 picture checklist.

The cleaning itself will consist of the following:

  • Clean Inside and Outside of Kitchen Hood(s).
  • Clean or Exchange All Grease Filters.
  • Clean all accessible ductwork, this includes opening up any and all access panels.
  • Clean Exhaust Fan(s).
  • Clean the Backsplash to the top of the equipment.
  • Polish all stainless steel surfaces.

After the cleaning we will put a certificate of compliance sticker on the exhaust hood stating the date that it was cleaned and the date in which it will be due again, in addition to noting if there are any inaccessible areas on the system.

We will then go through our post job checklist and take our post job pictures.

The last step in the cleaning process is to go over the cleaning with the customer, which includes doing a walk through, going over the before and after checklist and viewing all before and after pictures to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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