A restaurant must maintain proper standards in order to meet local, state and federal fire codes. The kitchen's hood and exhaust system is an area of concern for most restaurant owners and managers. Grease can accumulate in these areas and cause and contribute to a kitchen fire that could destroy the entire building. Restaurants need to get their kitchen hoods and exhaust systems professionally cleaned. You should choose from reputable kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Pittsburgh.

Tips for Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Your restaurant's kitchen exhaust system must be kept as clean and free of grease as possible. The system can become extremely dirty and clogged, which can easily contribute to a fire. The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, has standards that restaurants must meet. When you clean the exhaust you must meet these standards or you could face fines and other penalties.

Your kitchen exhaust isn't something that can be easily cleaned by your regular kitchen staff. You need to count on the experience and expertise of kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Pittsburgh to get the job done properly. Only the top kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Pittsburgh will exceed the recommended NFPA standards and keep your hood and exhaust system as clean as possible.

How the Cleaning Process Works

At National Hood and Fire we are one of the leading kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Pittsburg. We have a team of qualified professionals who are able to provide high quality cleaning services that exceed the standards set forth by NFPA.

When we arrive at your restaurant we meet with you to discuss your cleaning needs. We inspect and take photos of the kitchen exhaust both before and after we are done with the cleaning job. We test the system before we begin to make sure that it is in good working condition.

Cleaning includes both the inside and outside of the hood, cleaning or exchanging the filter, cleaning the ductwork that is accessible, cleaning the exhaust fan and cleaning the backsplash and top of the equipment as well as the stainless steel surfaces. Regularly scheduled cleaning will guarantee that your hood and exhaust are 97 percent free of grease.

Once cleaning is complete the team does a complete walkthrough with the customer and goes over a checklist including before and after photos. As one of the top kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Pittsburgh our goal is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. We take pride in doing a thorough and complete cleaning job for your restaurant kitchen exhaust. Once complete, we will provide you with a sticker that states you are compliant and indicates the date of the cleaning. It also indicates the future date for the next cleaning.

We are happy to provide you with complete kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning to protect your premises against one of the potential causes of fire in your establishment. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning and to learn more about our excellent professional restaurant hood and exhaust cleaning services.

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