As a restaurant owner or manager you know the importance of a cleanly kitchen. One of the most notorious places for grease and grime to accumulate is on the kitchen hood. The hood can get greasy and grimy rather quickly. Unfortunately, the hood is one of the most difficult places for your employees to clean. That is why it is necessary to get professional restaurant kitchen hood cleaning in Pittsburgh.

Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

One of the most difficult parts of a commercial to clean is the hood. The hood and exhaust system accumulates a lot of dirt. The dirt is a mixture of grease, smoke and other substances that are part of the cooking process. The hood needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It not only holds dirt but it can cause a fire.

A dirty hood and exhaust could also result in a failed inspection or fines. It also contributes to a poor appearance in the kitchen. One of the last things you want to have to worry about is restaurant kitchen hood cleaning in Pittsburgh. Your employees don't have the time, energy or expertise to properly clean the hood and exhaust system.

It is best to use environmentally safe chemicals for cleaning the restaurant hood. The chemicals need to be strong enough to cut through the grease yet safe for use. The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, has codes and standards that must be met. When you have your kitchen hood cleaned you need to make sure that it meets or exceeds these codes.

What to Expect with Kitchen Hood Cleaning

A team of professionals will arrive at your location prepared to provide high quality restaurant kitchen hood cleaning in Pittsburgh. We meet with the customer to determine the needs and then inspect and test the system before getting started. We also perform a walk-through that includes a 25 picture checklist.

Professional restaurant kitchen hood cleaning in Pittsburgh includes cleaning the inside and outside of the hood, cleaning or replacing the grease filter, cleaning the ductwork that is accessible, cleaning the exhaust fan and cleaning the backsplash to the top of the equipment. We also polish all stainless steel surfaces.

Our cleaning is done to high standards that exceed those set forth in the NFPA codes. We ensure that your hood is 97% grease free when we are allowed to perform regularly scheduled cleanings. Once the job is complete we provide you with a certificate of compliance sticker that indicates the date of cleaning and the date that another cleaning should be performed.

We will go through the entire checklist with the customer and take photos after the job is complete. We want to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the completed work before we leave.

When you need your restaurant kitchen hood cleaned, count on National Hood and Fire to handle the job. We provide high quality hood and exhaust cleaning that meets and exceeds the industry fire codes and standards. Call us today to learn more and to schedule our services.

Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Pittsburgh