Virtual Restaurant Kitchens

Virtual dining concepts have become the latest rage within the digital community. A virtual restaurant typically offers a complete menu but does not occupy a brick-and-mortar facility. The restaurant offers real-time food made in a shared kitchen, with a menu existing entirely online. Opening a restaurant is a substantial investment, especially when owners seek a physical location for dine-in customers. Financial blockades often stand in the way of superior chefs opening culinary facilities.

Instead of purchasing a physical location for food preparation, more restaurants have opted to utilize virtual restaurants. A ghost kitchen is a shared location where cooks, chefs, and restaurant owners can prepare food as needed. Rather than catering to in-house diners, virtual dining allows underfunded, talented chefs to cook for delivery-based customers. Restaurants share kitchen space to save money while still catering to an exclusive delivery clientele.

The Best Virtual Restaurant Kitchens From Cordova Kitchens

Cordova Kitchens rents virtual kitchens in prime locations clients are sure to love. Commercial restaurant equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. In today's modernized era, more people rely on delivery food options ordered online. In a post-pandemic world, dine-in restaurants struggle to remain afloat. Creative chefs can avoid financial dilemmas by sharing virtual kitchens with other local restaurants.

Clients prefer renting ghost kitchens from Cordova Kitchens for countless reasons, starting with competitive prices. Cordova Kitchens offers monthly contracts to accommodate all culinary ventures, regardless of size. In addition to budget-friendly pricing, clients of Cordova Kitchens customizable kitchen amenities. Cordova Kitchens encourages clients to bring whatever they need to get the job done if they require special kitchen equipment.

Cleanliness is also vital for food preparation. Cordova Kitchens maintains the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation. With meticulous sanitary standards, clients will never need to worry about unsafe or unclean kitchen conditions. Catering businesses greatly benefit from utilizing the virtual restaurants offered by Cordova Kitchens.

Perks of Choosing Smart Kitchens

Cordova Kitchens proudly offers virtual ghost kitchens in various sizes and layouts located in prime locations throughout the city. Besides shared or private walk-in coolers, clients will receive spacious storage amenities for dry goods, changing rooms, and comprehensive handwashing sanitation sinks.

Cordova Kitchens provide three-compartment prep sinks, complete with the most up-to-date fire suppression system for well-rounded safety. Kitchen equipment comes with a commercial exhaust hood ranging from eight to ten feet. Working with Cordova Kitchens can give your culinary prowess the venue it needs to wow local customers. Please know that you are safe when counting on Cordova Kitchens to cater to your catering necessities.

Premium Restaurant Equipment for Virtual Dining Concepts

Jumping into the foodservice industry takes courage and a little help from friends, like the team at Cordova Kitchens.

Cordova Kitchen is unique because it strives to offer a helping hand to catering companies and virtual restaurant owners. If you want to get started, please dial 818-266-9105 to schedule a tour of the various available spaces. Would you please reach out today to learn more regarding how virtual dining can change your culinary dreams?

Virtual Restaurant Kitchens
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